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Everyone gets excited when it becomes the time of year when people are barbequing and hanging out more in their yard. It also becomes a perfect time for turf companies to make money. As a turf repair company, you know when the business will be booming but you also must use the right tools to guarantee qualified leads. 

You don’t just want to be doing ok as a company, you want to break into the larger market. To do that, you need leads that will help you get into the mainstream market. Here are some tools for helping your turf repair business generate leads that will move you upward!

If your company already has a website, displaying your services and presenting customer reviews, then you are already ahead of the curve. Your next step would be to use a platform like HomeAdvisor, Porch, or Angie’s List to which assist landscaping and home repair businesses with connecting to leads and a wider range of clients. 

The only set-back with using platforms like the ones listed earlier is that you have to pay for the service monthly or annually on top of paying for the leads you can possibly acquire. If you would prefer not to break your business’s bank account, here are a few other options to consider. 

Instead of using a platform to buy and pay to connect with leads, you can also start with creating a social media account for your turf repair company to make it easier to connect with current as well as future clients. You can also partner with local businesses in your area and create partnerships with other companies in your community. Through your website and social media pages, you can share events and promotions to help your company stand out. Getting leads doesn’t always mean buying them!  

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